About me :

Hossein Kheiri

Date of Birth: 1985

Place of Birth: Arak, Markazi, Iran

Educations :

 Ph.D. student  in  Algebraic Geometry, Isfahan university of technology, 2014- now

Supervisor: Dr. Farhad Rahmati  and Dr. Azam Etemad

Thesis: A classification of line bundles over a smooth scheme

 2009- 2011.M.Sc in Algebraic Geometry ,Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Iran 

Thesis: On the equation of minimal variety

Supervisor: Dr. Rashid Zare- nahandi (https://iasbs.ac.ir/~rashidzn/) and Dr. Saeed Tafazolian

Research Interests :

Algebraic vector bundle , vector bundle, Deformation theory, Foliation theory, Classification of vector bundles.